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    Mable's Bagels

    New York Style Bagels

    Handcrafted in Durango, CO

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    About Mable’s Bagels

    Hi, my name is Andrew, and this is my dog, Mable! Baking has always been my passion. Growing up in the North East, I was lucky enough to enjoy some of the world's best bagels: A shiny crust with a little bit of hardness to it and a nice glaze with an inside that is chewy, but not overly doughy. When I moved to Colorado, it was tough to find a bagel that could match the ones in the delis of New York City, so I began crafting my own. I spent a year as a baker at Persephone Bakery in Jackson, Wyoming. I left Jackson when the coronavirus pandemic hit and rediscovered my love of making bagels. After countless hours and many iterations, I've found the perfect recipe. Now I'm passing the benefits on to you! Just click, and I will deliver a dozen freshly baked bagels directly to your door!

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  • Storage

    If you wont eat your bagels within 24 hours of delivery, consider freezing them for maximum freshness!

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    How to Freeze Bagels?

    Slice your bagels in half, stack them with the toppings side facing down in freezer safe storage, and freeze. Frozen bagels will last up to a month and can be toasted to perfection with little work!